Terms and Conditions

1. In these terms and conditions ‘Customer’ means the customer whose name is on the estimate, contract or invoice.

2. Charges apply to any work completed whether this is diagnosis, repairs or consultation. J & S Plumbing and Heating charge per hour or any part thereof. We do not charge per minute used and will not accept any query based on minutes used on site. All charges are based on travel, Admin, running costs, insurance and qualification costs incurred to make it possible to serve our customers on a daily basis.

3. All quotations and contracts are accepted on these terms. Unless agreed in writing and signed by the customer and an authorised person on behalf of J & S Plumbing and Heating. These terms and conditions cannot be varied and override any other terms stipulated or inferred by the customer whether in negotiations or the instructions between the customer and J & S Plumbing and heating

4. Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date on the Quotation form. Quotations are subject to withdrawal at any time before receipt of qualified instructions from the customer.


5. The price quoted is on a day/hourly rate. If extra work is required or the work runs over, an extra charge will be applied. All extra work will be notified to the customer before the start of extra work.

6. All work must be inspected whilst we are there, any work not inspected/ checked whilst we are there will be chargeable to replace/ rectify except work covered by guarantee.

7. The work to be performed will be specified in our Quotation and forms the basis of the contract. If however, on closer inspection, the work takes longer and/or involves the use of more materials than originally anticipated, J & S Plumbing and Heating reserves the right to increase the price. If this happens:
a) J & S Plumbing and Heating will notify the customer in writing as soon as possible, If this is not reasonably practible, a phone call with verbal permission from customer will be accepted as part of the contract and a new quote will be sent as soon as possible.
b) If the customer does not wish to proceed with the work at the new price, J & S Plumbing and Heating will charge the customer for any materials used and time spent on the job until this point.


8.a) Invoices will be submitted to the customer on completion of the work and payment should be made to us on completion, unless otherwise agreed in writing

b) All prices are subject to VAT.
b) The price payable will be the amount on the quotation plus or minus any alterations required.
c) J & S Plumbing and Heating accepts cash, bank transfer, credit card payment or cheque made payable to J & S Plumbing and Heating.
d) J & S Plumbing and Heating will retain legal ownership of all materials until payment has been received in full. Title of all materials will pass to the customer on receipt of payment.

f) Any unused materials or materials which are no longer needed due to change of mind, will incur a 20% refund charge

If we have finished the job and signed off the completion of the work, payment must be made as soon as possible, no money is to be held back even if there is extra work to be done.

g) Completion is classified as the final day of work as agreed originally. If extra work is required, full payment must be made before the return visit, any work outside of this allotted time will be chargeable, except work covered by the guarantee.

Late payment

9. In the event that an invoice remains unpaid it will become subject to the following charges.
a) An interest charge equal to 2% of the total amount of the invoice will be charged on a daily basis from the date of the invoice until full settlement is made.
b) A late payment administration charge of £15
c) For each ‘Late payment letter’ we send we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of £15
d) In the event of a returned cheque we reserve the right to charge the late payment charges in clauses 7a, 7b, 7c plus £15 for processing and administration. These charges will date from the date of the invoice.

Right to Cancel:

The customer has 14 days from the date on this Contract to cancel. If this happens, J & S Plumbing and Heating will cancel all orders and refund the deposit in full.

Any special order items will not be refunded but will be delivered when ready.

Should The work begin before 14 days has passed, the customer accepts by signing this sheet that the cancellation period will end the moment we start work.

Limitations of Liability

10. Whilst J & S Plumbing and Heating will try to complete the work within the dates specified for the commencement and completion of the work, they are estimates only and do not form part of the contract between J & S Plumbing and Heating and the customer. J & S Plumbing and Heating may not be held liable by the customer if it should be impractical to start or carry out the work due to events beyond our control such as lack of access, lock-out, industrial disputes or acts of God.

11. J & S Plumbing and Heating does not accept responsibility for any rust or lime scale deposits that may occasionally be loosened in the customers existing pipe work when we restore full water pressure after laying or working on pipe work. This is beyond our control and is sometimes a natural consequence of high pressure water flowing through older pipe work.
a) J & S Plumbing and Heating Contractors are only responsible for the pipe work being installed or worked on directly by our engineers. Any other pipe work or problems which may arise from existing pipe work will remain the responsibility of the customer / property owner.

12. Where J & S Plumbing and heating is required to reinstate the existing ground covering, J & S Plumbing and Heating will endeavour to match it but cannot guarantee that the shade or colouring of the replaced ground covering will match the surrounding ground covering. This is unavoidable because of the age difference between the newer materials used and the older materials in the existing surface.

13. J & S Plumbing and Heating will not be responsible for resurfacing again if ground conditions exist that prevent water from the leaking pipe from draining away properly causing the newly laid surface to settle later once the ground dries out.

Health and Safety

14. J & S Plumbing and heating will implement all health and safety measures required to protect our customers and ourselves but will not be held liable if injury occurs to the customer or a third party if those health and safety measures are ignored.


15. J & S Plumbing and Heating guarantees completed work for 12 Months. This guarantee applies only to leaks in pipe work J & S Plumbing and heating has laid and any connections to appliances installed. It does not cover the moving or change of pipe work under any circumstances. Any work that is not originally quoted for will be chargeable.

16. This guarantee does not cover defects due to misuse or faults caused by the customer or any other third party working for the customer. The guarantee is rendered void by any further work carried out on the pipe work by contractors or any other third party other than J & S Plumbing and Heating.

17. The guarantee does not cover any accidental damage caused over time by such things as tree roots, ground slip or subsidence.

18. We reserve the right to withhold the guarantee if after repairing/laying the pipe work we feel that further work is required to prevent a future fault and the customer does not wish to proceed.

19. All appliances supplied by J & S Plumbing and Heating have there own Guarantee, these Guarantees are not covered by J & S Plumbing and Heating, neither is the work to replace the appliance. The customer is responsible for registering such guarantees and ensuring they are registered. Should a problem arise which is down to manufacturer fault, the customer should contact the manufacturer first to get a replacement sent out.

20. Any Plastering, Tiling, Screws, Raw plugs, silicone, or any other additional works will also be covered for 12 months

21. All appliances supplied by the customer that do not hold a guarantee are provided at the customers own risk and J & S Plumbing and Heating will not be responsible for any manufacturers faults or issues that may arise

Protection of property

22. J & S Plumbing and Heating always use dust sheets to protect the property. All property will be treated with the upmost respect and all properties will be left in a tidy manner on completion. Should any complaint arise then J & S Plumbing and Heating must be informed within 48 hours and given an opportunity to fix the problem. If the issue is not fixable then we will inform our insurance company immediately. Access must be provided to the insurance company and cooperation must be provided for the insurance companies to investigate the matter further.