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Servicing your boiler

Why is it so important to be Servicing your boiler every year?

Too many people believe that Servicing your boiler can be a waste of time or money. Also many people believe that it is ok to do it every few years. A boiler service may pick up issues with the boiler and also any issues with the gas coming into the property. Furthermore Servicing your boiler can also identify any degradation of the flue or boiler. During a boiler service your gas engineer can also check the boiler for the right mixture of gas and air. They will also check the condition of the seals between the products of combustion and your family. Therefore we suggest booking a boiler service every year by a gas safe registered engineer.

Servicing your boiler

What is involved in Servicing your boiler?

This is one of the most popular questions our customers asks us. A boiler service will involve:

  • Checking for the right air/gas mixture
  • Inspecting the flue for any damage or loose connections
  • Testing the gas coming into the property is correct.
  • Checking the boiler has the correct pressure coming in along with the correct sized pipe from the meter to the boiler.
  • inspecting for leaks.
  • Checking the boiler is burning the correct amount of gas.
  • Testing any safety devices.
  • Inspection of the boiler and flue.
  • Checking of the condition of the appliance including the effectiveness of any seals, gaskets, the cleanliness of heat exchangers etc. and checking for any signs of heat or other distress .

As a result, the boiler service is an essential part of looking after your heating and hot water system in your home. For this reason we ensure your boiler gets the love and attention it deserves.

My Gas engineer was only here for 30 minutes, is this normal?

A basic Boiler service usually takes around 30 minutes. However a full service will take longer. Why not ask your Gas safe registered engineer to find out if your boiler requires a full service.

What is the difference between a full and basic service?

With all condensing boilers there are 2 levels of boiler service. A full service should be completed every 2-5 years (Manufacturer dependent.)

  • A basic boiler service includes all the above checks
  • Full boiler service includes all the same checks as basic service but we also clean out the heat exchanger and burner. As a result we may also replace electrodes and any seals required.

Contact your local gas engineer to find out if your boiler is due a full service. It may help to provide the make and model of the boiler before you book.

What is an Appliance Safety Check?

An appliance safety check at a minimum includes all the tests to ensure the appliance is safe to operate:

  • Testing the air and gas mixture is correct.
  • It is of a type suitable for the room in which it is located.
  • The casing is physically stable and securely fitted
  • There is an adequate and permanent air supply suitable for the appliance type installed.
  • Any flues or chimneys are operating correctly
  • All safety devices function correctly.
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Do I need to get my boiler servicing done every year?

The answer to this is always yes. Servicing your boiler is a requirement to keep the warranty valid. More importantly boilers have regulators on them and these are mechanical. Mechanical parts often break down and require regular testing and inspection. So if you haven’t had your boiler serviced recently, why not call your local gas safe engineer today?

My gas engineer came and serviced my boiler and a week later it broke down. Why didn’t they pick it up on the service?

You may of noticed in the above boiler servicing list that we dont check the water components. This is because we are not checking the correct operation of any water components. If we were to check all components, we would spend around 2 hours on the service. This would increase the price quite dramatically. Furthermore, a test would still not guarantee the component condition and would not prevent the boiler breaking down.

How long should my boiler last?

A boiler does not have a specific life span and every boiler is different. There are a few items that you can do to prolong the life of your boiler.

  1. Keep your heating system topped up with inhibitor. You cannot over inhibit your heating system but you can under inhibit your heating system.
  2. Getting a power flush on your heating can reduce the amount your boiler has to work and increase its life span.
  3. Installing a magnetic filter installed on the return to the boiler to prevent sludge entering the boiler.
  4. You can also turn your boiler down. Turning your boiler down can be more economical in the short and long term. Setting your boiler to around 3/4 power can prolong the life of your boiler.
  5. Servicing your boiler can pick up on faults before they damage the boiler beyond economical repair.

Consequently we recommend looking after your boiler each year to help reduce unexpected bills. Above all, make sure you give your boiler the love and care it deserves. After all it looks after you 365 days a year.

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Whats the difference between Corgi and Gas Safe?

Corgi was the previous awarding body, which has now closed down. Gas safe took over in 2009 as the awarding body. Any gas engineer that visits your property must be Gas Safe registered. Checking this is as simple as asking to see their gas safe card. Ensure you ask to see the back to check they are qualified to do the work required.

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