Save money

Save money, Save Energy, Save the planet.

Money Saving tips that will also help save the planet.

Save money by turning down your thermostat

Turn down the dial

  • Turning your thermostat down to 19 can save around £105* per year on your gas bill
  • Turning your boiler down to 60 degrees (flow tempreture) can also save you around £180* per year

Turning down your boiler and your thermostat can help save around 30% of your energy usage per year, this not only saves the planet but can also save energy usage and money on your monthly bill. making a few small changes to the way you use your boiler and heating system can nott only save you money but can also increase comfort levels within your home.

Shower smart to save money

  • Choosing showers over baths can save up to £70* a year

Everyone likes a long soak in the bath. However having baths instead of showers will increase your costs and water usage. Try to limit the amount of baths you have to help reduce costs and increase savings.

Cover the cracks to save money

Seal windows to reduce costs and save money

  • Reduce your bills by £45* a year by draught proofing and filling gaps, holes, and cracks in the walls and floorboards

Why not take a look around your house when you get 5 minutes. make a note of any holes or cracks and get them sealed up properly. There are many different ways to reduce your heat loss and prevent the cold coming in or the heat getting out. Having a completely sealed house will reduce your bills and also reduce the likelihood of bugs getting in. Many holes can be sealed by DIY enthusiasts but if you have vents/ chimneys then speak to a proffesional builder/ heating engineer to ensure these are no longer required and to prevent damp getting into the home

Replace your boiler to save money

Upgrade to save money

  • Save up to £580* a year on your gas bills by replacing on old G-rated boiler with a new energy efficient A-
    rated boiler

New condensing boilers work at a much lower temperature, due to this lower heat, the boiler creates condensation. The easiest way to know if you have the most energy efficient boiler is to look for a condensate pipe. These pipes are usually white plastic and will come out the bottom of the boiler. Any boiler without a condensate pipe will be below 90% efficient and will be costing you a lot more to run then a condensing boiler. The extra heat required to heat a non condensing boiler means that the boiler will be using more gas and will be producing more fumes. Get in contact if you would like to discuss how you can help save the planet whilst also saving money.

Weather Compensation

  • Can be installed for as little as £120+VAT
  • Weather compensation is the equivalent of turning your boiler up and down each day depending on the weather outside.
  • Can Save up to £280 per year

Weather compensation is the equivalent of you standing next to your boiler turning it up and down depending on the outside temperature. In the Uk we can have many different seasons in a single day. Weather compensation will automatically detect the differing temperatures and adjust your boilers heat output and pump speed based on the temperature outside your home.

Inprove your insulation

  • Improve your insulation to see a reduction in your energy usage, and your bills.

Insulation is an important part of keeping your heat inside your home. Making sure the heat stays in and the cold stays out is a daily battle for your home that you will never see but may feel the effects of each and every day. Insulation protects your home from the cold and keeps the heat inside your home to prevent your boiler working over time.

Thermostatic radiator valves

  • Installing thermostatic radiator valves on every radiator in each room can reduce your energy usage and heating bills.

Installing radiator valves on every radiator can help you control the temperature in every room and can save you £130 per year on your heating bills. Thermostatic radiator valves work by sensing the room temperature and opening and shutting the valve when the temperature is reached. This helps to increase comfort levels within the home and also reduce the boiler over working. Installing thermostatic radiator valves and balancing your system can reduce your bills by around 20%



  • Powerflushing your heating system can help your heating system and save your heating bills

A powerflush is where the whole heating system is cleaned with high strength cleaning chemicals using a machine to blast away the sludge. Removing all rust, debris and contaminent, by power flushing your heating system can increase hot water temperatures, speed up  radiator convection and gives less chance of boiler breakdowns. This speeds up the heat in your home and reduces the amount of time your boiler is working. Powerflushing saves you money and helps save the planet. Here at J & S Plumbing and Heating we not only powerflush but we also provide tests on completion to show you how clean your system is.

Get in contact to discuss how we can help you save money, save energy and save the planet 


All estimated figures as published on the money saving trust