Lincoln Treasure Trail

We want to cheer someone up with a load of cash so we have decided to do a treasure trail which will lead to a prize of £300 cash. How well do you know Lincoln? Can you work out the clues to reach the end? Do you know your bridges from your lakes? or your conquerers from your kings? Why not join in with the whole family to find the final clue and win? Or join in just for fun to learn more about Lincoln and the vast array of history enveloped around the city.

Why not also tag us in facebook to be entered into the prize draw to win £100 cash. (Try not to give the clues away though), Lets see if we can spread the love.

After 12 months of being locked inside we hope this will not only get people out and about but also showcase the great history inside lincoln while putting a smile on peoples faces, happy hunting.

The tags will start appearing from 1st April 2021 and will close when the prize has been won.

The facebook competition will run from 1st April to 31st may so you have plenty of time to find and work out the clues.

Terms and conditions:

The first person to reach the end and enter their name on every clue will will win the prize. All entries after that will not be eligible. J & S Plumbing and Heating or any of its partners are not responsible for wasted time or any other claim related to entering this competition and being unsuccesful at winning. Please ensure you are safe and do not trespass on any property or put yourself or anyone else’s life in danger. On completion we will notify as many entrants as possible that the prize has been won. The winning entry may be checked for authenticity and refused winnings if fowl play is suspected. All entrants must keep hold of every location in the clue to enter on the final page to confirm completion. Competition not open to staff or family members of J & S Plumbing and Heating. Facebook entries must tag J & S plumbing and Heating to be in with a chance of winning.

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