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New boiler installations in Lincoln
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Boiler Installations Throughout Metheringham, Lincolnshire

Natural Gas, Commercial Gas, Oil & LPG Boiler Installations

As your local Worcester Bosch Accredited installer, the team here at J&S Plumbing and Heating have the expertise to install brand new Natural Gas, Commercial Gas, Oil and LPG boilers that suit you and your home Metheringham, Lincolnshire.

Installing a brand new energy efficient boiler over sticking with an outdated one can save you money on your energy bills. Contact our team today to see how much you can save!

Boiler installations Lincoln

Gas Boiler Installations

Each of our Worcester Bosch gas boilers come with a guarantee of up to a 12 years!

We provide a wide range of gas boiler makers and models for all types of households across Metheringham. Our experienced team can help you make the right decision on the perfect gas boiler for you depending on your household.

There are three types of gas boilers available. These are combi, system, and regular boilers.

Combi boilers are smaller than the other two variants, thus allowing you to tuck it away inside a cupboard to keep the aesthetics of your kitchen alive. Combi boilers are highly efficient and save money on bills because of their efficiency making them perfect for smaller households.

System boilers are the go-to boiler for a home with more than one bathroom. They provide a constant supply of hot water for your home, stored perfectly within the boiler's cylinder.

Regular boilers or traditional boilers are perfect for larger homes that have two or more bathrooms. They provide a constant supply of hot and cold water across all bathrooms in the household.

Contact our team today to learn more about our gas boiler options!

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Oil Boiler Installations

All of our Worcester Bosch oil boilers come with a guarantee of up to 7 years!

We can install oil boilers for any and all rural properties in and around Metheringham where mains gas is not an option. Oil boilers, similar to that of gas, are available as combi, system or regular boilers. Each suited to certain house sizes and the specific needs of the property.

Oil boilers are extremely reliable, having a minimum A+ energy rating (according to building regulations). This allows for more "bang for your buck" as you are guaranteed a quality assured boiler when you go oil.

As OFTEC registered engineers we are able to install oil boilers inside or outside of your home depending on the space available. We’ll also get the right size oil tank to store your oil supply.

Contact us today to find out more about our oil boiler options!

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Oil boiler Installations Lincoln
LPG boiler installations Lincoln

LPG Boiler Installations

Our Worcester Bosch LPG boilers come with an up to 12 year guarantee!

Liquid Petroleum Gas boilers, or LPG boilers for short, are an option for households that do not have a mains gas option available. We install LPG boilers across Metheringham.

Available as combi or system boilers, LPG boilers are highly efficient and have very low carbon emissions making them the perfect choice for rural homes.

Chat with our friendly J&S Plumbing and Heating team today to discuss our LPG boiler options!

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Our Installation Process

We’re here to help you choose the right boiler for your home.

Whether it's Gas, Oil or LPG or it's a combi, system or regular boilers, there are an abundance of choices we can tailor to suit you and your homes needs. Choose your boiler, pair it with smart controls and pick accessories to make the perfect central heating solution.

Choose boiler Lincoln

Choose A Boiler

Our friendly, experienced team will guide you through the boiler options, from combi, system or regular to gas, oil or LPG.

Choose boiler control Lincoln

Choose A Control

Pair your boiler with a smart control allowing you to control your heating on the go from your smart phone quickly and easily.

Benefits Of A Brand New Boiler

Why choose a brand new boiler?

From energy efficiency to multi-year boiler guarantees discover the benefits of a brand new boiler.

Energy efficient new boilers Lincoln
Energy Efficiency
New, modern boilers work more effectively and efficiently, helping you save money on your energy bills.
Extended guarantees for new boilers Lincoln
Extended Guarantees
As Worcester Bosch Accredited installers, we can offer up to a 12 year guarantee on brand new boilers.
Space saving new boilers Lincoln
Space Saving
New, modern boilers are now made more compact and can be hidden in kitchen cupboards, saving you space in your home.
Smart controls for new boilers Lincoln
Smart Controls
Boilers can be paired with smart controls allowing you to control your heating direct from your smart phone.

Why Choose Us?

At J&S Plumbing and Heating, we have over a decade of experience in the heating industry.

With excellent customer care and constant communication, here at J&S Plumbing and Heating we always ensure we are providing the very best quality service for our customers.

Excellent communication with boiler engineers Lincoln
Excellent Communication
We’re proud of our teams excellent communication with our customers, from text updates and calls, to in person meetings, we make sure our customers know when and where we’ll be.
Accredited boiler installers Lincoln
Accredited Installers
As Worcester Bosch Accredited installers and OFTEC registered engineers, our team are consistently up to code and know about all new heating appliances. This allows a level of assurance our customers have towards us in providing the most up to date products available.
Boiler customer care Lincoln
Customer Care
If your boiler is beyond repair and we can’t replace it right away, we can provide you with temporary heaters to ensure you're not left with a cold home.

We’re Gas Safe Registered & OFTEC Registered

We’re Gas Safe Registered & OFTEC Registered

Always hire a Gas Safe or OFTEC Registered engineer to install, service or repair your boiler.

At J&S Plumbing and Heating we have Gas Safe Registered Engineers as well as OFTEC registered engineers. This means we’re fully qualified to work on any Gas, LPG or Oil appliances throughout your home.

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